About Our Candles

Do you love the ambiance of burning candles, but hate it when they turn the jar (& your walls!) black? Do you hate when the fragrance only lasts the first couple times you burn them? Does burning traditional candles irritate your allergies?

That's because the majority of the candles you find in stores are made from paraffin, which is a petroleum-based product. Paraffin releases harmful chemicals when it is burned, thus irritating your sinuses and lungs. The proof is on the jar!

Our soy-based candles last longer, smell great from the first time you light them to the last, and are a healthier alternative to paraffin. 


Why are Etta Clare Candles Better?


Our premium, soy-based candles produce little to no soot at all. This means your jars (& your walls!) will not turn black. They burn cleaner, which is healthier for everyone, especially those who suffer from asthma and allergies. Because our wax is plant-based, it is biodegrade and water-soluble. 

Etta Clare candles burn at a cooler temperature than petroleum-based paraffin candles, allowing them to burn slower and maintain their scent longer. 

Bath & Body Works (paraffin wax)
4oz. $10.00 *20-30 hours*
6oz. $10.50 *30-40 hours*
14.5oz $22.50 *25-45 hours*

Yankee Candle (paraffin wax)
7oz. $15.99 *35-55 hours*
14.5oz $24.99 *65-75 hours*
22oz $27.99 *110-150 hours*

8oz $16.95 *90-110 hours*
Etta Clare Candles give you long-lasting, clean-burning fragrances at an incredible value!